About Brokerless, Inc.

December 19th, 2006

Brokerless, Inc. is a national based discount real estate brokerage firm attending to the needs of buyers and sellers of real property who wish to save thousands of dollars in commissions. Brokerless, Inc. offers its customers For Sale By Owner marketing Tools and Service.

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Our goal is to provide great customer support, great savings and online access.

Brokerless has developed a platform that gives its web customers the ability to submit their own listings, via the website, and have the data transmitted directly to Brokerless.

Brokerless believes that the best way to attract customers is to educate them. Jack Laufer, co-founder and president of the company, and Nancy Norelli, senior vice president and general counsel of operations, saw the need to protect the consumer from those who would bend the truth to make a quick buck.

Jack Laufer and Nancy Norelli originated Brokerless, Inc. in 2006. Mr. Laufer and Ms. Norelli are interested in providing consumers the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available about the real estate and title insurance industries.

They work with real estate brokers, title insurance agencies, lawyers, mortgage brokers and journalists to find and identitfy the most pressing matters in the industries. Mr. Laufer currently holds a real estate brokerage and a title insurance agent license. Mr. Laufer has spent the last several years providing analytical studies to the legal profession involving matters such as RESPA, title insurance, and real estate brokerage.

Prior to Mr. Laufer getting involved with real estate and title insurance, he spent part of his career managing portfolios for Wall Street firms

Nancy Norelli is a Florida attorney specializing in trial support and appellate law.

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